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210HJT 640W


Max Power Output


Max Panel Efficiency

● Power Output: 620-640W
● Module Efficiency: 21.9-22.6%
● Product Warranty: 12 Years
● Power Warrangy: 30 Years
● Dimension: 2172x1303x35mm
● Weight: 35.3kg

More Power Output

● Advanced 210HJT cell and 24BB module technology leads to higher efficiency(22.6%);
● Better Weak Illumination Response and Lower temperature coefficient (-0.24%) for HJT;
●N-type solar cell has no LID naturally, can increase powergeneration

Better Looking

● Excellent cell color control by HJT technology;
● Designed with aesthetics in mind, 24BB thinner wires that appear all black at a distance

ECO Friendly

● Innovative 24BB module technology leads to LEADFREE;
● Double-glass design leads to fluoride-free;
● 210HJT technology leads to thinner wafer and lower energy consumption

Maximum safety

● Double-glass design leads to avoid fire;
● Perfect size and low weight, Easy for handling and Economy for transporting;
● Diverse installation solutions. Flexible for system deployment;


Certificates & Warranty

● IEC61215:2016&IEC61730:2016

● 12year Product Workmanship Warranty

● 30year Power Warranty

● 1% first year degradation and 0.4% Annual Power Attenuation


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