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About Cando Solar
Cando Solar is founded in Sept. 7, 2021, ready to leapfrog the industry leaders using the next-generation Hetero-Junction Technologies.
The company is founded by a group of passionate solar scientists and engineers, who have been involved in breaking world records and setting IEC-standards many times. We believe in:
- Hazard Free (Fire-Proof / F- free / Pb- free / More reliable)
- High Tech (Replace PERC with Quantum technology)
- High Touch ( Empower our life with beautiful solar products )
- Less Carbon ( highest quality but a lower cost)
The Company is supported by the leading scientists and engineers worldwide for a common solar future. The company is having its world-leading HJT+BIPV research labs with facilities from Sinton, PASAN and other Newly-invented tools. We locate in Changzhou, that is the solar San Jose of China and of the world.
Future Solar Resources
Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
PVST, P. R. China
NREL, United States
AIST, Japan
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