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182HJT SMBB 440W



● Power Output: 420-440W
● Module Efficiency: 21.5-22.6%
● Product Warranty: 15 Years
● Power Warranty: 25 Years
● Dimension:1721*1133*5.1mm
● Weight: 12.5kg

Excellent energy efficiency

● Market leading temperature coefficient (-0.24%/℃);

● 182mm large size and SMBB technology provide higher efficiency (22.6%)

Aesthetic Appearance Design

● Elegant design in all-black appearance, harmounious integration with the components of the building to provide an intense aesthetic experience 

Multi-busbar Technology

● Extremely high light utilization;

● Greater power collection capability;

● Effectively improve power output and reliability

Flexible Module Design

● Small panel design, light in weight, flexible in transportation and loading

Excellent Low Light Performance

● More power output in low light conditons such as cloudy day,mornings and evenings


Certificates & Warranty

● IEC61215:2016&IEC61730:2016

● 15years Product Workmanship Warranty

● 25years Power Warranty


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